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Charles Howell: Takeaway
December 31, 2009, 5:04 pm
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Charles came in to work with our motion analysis system and this is excerpt from a mini-series I’m doing on the swing and how it relates to you.  What we can learn from his takeaway is something that will debunk a myth that many amateurs abide by.  It is not true that you should keep your hips as still as possible in your backswing.  On average tour players are at about 50 degrees of hip turn at the top, far from being totally restricted.

Ideally, I want my students to get all the turn they can in the takeaway before stopping to have the shoulders finish the backswing.  Take a look at Charles.  He already has 30 deg. of turn, a third of his max hip turn, this early in the swing.  So there’s a nice mix when allowing the hips to turn a bit.  Make more of a body oriented takeaway, where you let the hips go, and then they stop to allow the upperbody to continue to coil.

If you have any questions about the motion numbers above or about his swing in general, please feel free to comment.  I will be updating this site with more tour and amateur swings for us to break down and critique.


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